Is There A 1200 HO Coming From Ski-Doo?

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Dear Motorhead:

I’m a long time reader of Supertrax and love the show. I have followed the drama on Dootalk about the 1200 throttle lag and seem to be one of the few that also find this trait annoying.

That said. I bought a GT 1200 for our family about 4 weeks ago and absolutely love this sled and engine so much so that I’m gonna spring order a 1200X for me. Which brings me to my question.

Do you think the 1200HO is coming? I would hate to buy this sled and Ski-Doo early release a 1200HO in Jan. I am sure you have the inside scoop and maybe you can’t tell me. Any info would be appreciated.

I have a cottage on Lk St Peter and have seen the Supertrax crew more this year than ever. Keep up the great work!




Thanks for your email! Next time you see us on the trail or at a pit stop come up and say hello!

There’s no 1200 HO for MY 13. Your appreciation of what we’re trying to say about the throttle lag and your appreciation of how good the 1200 is really squares with me! We too think the engine is a home run, but if there’s one thing we would improve – it’s the lag at low RPM!

You’ve got the right idea with the X with R-Motion – and consider a 137 as well. The best riding sled I have ever personally roosted was last week in West Yellowstone at the annual new sled photo shoot event and it was a 2013 Renny 4-TEC with R-Motion. The 137 Rmotion is just ridiculously good!

Motorhead Mark

Thanks Mark for a quick response!

I will consider the longer track Renegade X. Our GT 1200 is by far the most comfortable sled I’ve rode and I’m thinking the suspension calibration and longer track must be the reason for this.

I try to convince my wife to ride my MXZ 800R every chance I can so I can enjoy the GT. But she’s catching on! We also pull the kids in a Snocoach and with the torque of the 1200 its like nothing is even their.

One more question if you don’t mind. I love my Ski-doo’s but I’m used to more top end performance than the 1200 unmodified provides. I’ve also considered the F1100T and the Apex.

I also have a 2001 SRX ( my favorite sled of all time ) in my collection so a bleed a little blue from time to time. I always hear about the trouble plagued new Cats and I’ll be quite honest, my experience with Cats is with my Poppa and they do bring back a lot of memories of being towed out of the cabin in the back country of Newfoundland. That was the late 80’s and into the early 90’s.

Hearing the problems of today’s Cats are eerily similar. It was never a engine problem it was always little things like suspension pieces falling off or boggy wheels and one particular Pantera that loved to strip it reverse gear but only when we were miles from civilization.

Anyhow, sorry for the book! What are your thoughts on the F1100T and Apex? Are they riddled with problems and is the Apex a heavy and terrible handling sled with a great Yamaha engine?

Many thanks for your time,



The new Pro-Cross chassis with the F-100 mill is a great sled and by the end of this season has been entirely de-bugged of a few first year issues.

The engine has been around for over 5 years and is bullet proof. The Apex is a solid and reliable sled from every standpoint. However, you need to ride one before you buy if you’re predisposed to Ski-Doo’s XR chassis.

Hope this helps.


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