Is Polaris Moving Backwards In Its Technology?

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Dear Supertrax

I bought an ’06 Polaris 600 H.O Fusion in Jan of this year. I love the sled – tons of power, drives great, big step up from the ’97 xc 600 I had. The little 600 walked all over a 700 CFI across a lake.

Anyway getting too my point, a friend bought an ’07 600 H.O. RMK shortly after a got mine and I’m not cool with all the stuff Polaris went away from.

First of all they went back to a mechanical Fuel Gauge a step back to stone age then they took the tech and speedo and marked it so that you only dis. one at a time and then they took out the RIDER SELECT! (Supertrax International calls Rider Select “the best innovation of 2005).

I know I’m a little behind the times but is Polaris going backwards or what? Plus I think they look a little cheap in the body panels.

I hope the ’08 looks better and put some extras back on and go back to the roots of Polaris in being the leader in innovation and going to the next step to push the sport.

I am a big Polaris fan and always will be but what is your thoughts on Polaris and the direction they are going.


Paul Schoen


Keep in mind, the ultimate goal with mountain sleds is to reduce weight and maximize power.

Polaris has been trying to keep its sleds light and using a fixed handlebar post instead of Rider Select is one way to keep the price down and keep the sled simple and lighter.

Most mountain riders (because they’re standing a lot) were setting the RS at the same position the fixed setup is at anyway. We asked and customer feedback was telling the marketing guys that mountain riders didn’t need or want the more complex gauge package.

My personal opinion is that Polaris wants to be the leader in pricing and to keep prices in line, you sometimes have to cut back on details.

Kent Lester

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