How Can I Improve My Jag Z1 Mileage

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My Jag Z1 will only run about 80 MPH and gets only 16 to 16.5 MPG. The sled currently has 1300 miles on it. Rides and handles like a dream. Can I expect improvement in both MPG and MPH?



We’ve talked to a couple of other Jaguar owners recently who have been disappointed in the top end speed from their 4-strokes.

Ours runs a solid 93 mph on hardpack and will fingerwalk close to 100 if the lake is packed down and long enough. It’s performed like this from day one and we’re more than satisfied.

Cat told us you need to be sure that belt deflection is not too high and the belt sits about 1/4 inch out of the top of the secondary at idle (make sure it’s got a fairly new belt). You can add washers to the secondary to get it positioned right.

The 1100 engine makes nice power and is mega-torquey, so I’d check the compression on yours just to be safe and make sure the track is adjusted properly and running true.

If you find out anything else, let us know.

Kent Lester

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