How Can I Improve Gas Mileage On My Jag?

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Dear Motorhead,

Is there anyway to improve the gas milage on my 2007 Jag Z1? I am only getting around 12 to 14 mpg.




Thanks for your email!

I’m assuming you have a limited-build, early release Jag with a 121 inch track? I believe there are a number of things which can be done to improve your mileage.

For sure your track tension and rear skid set-up are critical as is ski pressure up front and – believe it or not – the actual carbide runners you use. Belt deflection and condition are critical as well.

I have included none other than Joey Hallstrom in this email and will solicit his comments.

Joey rode with us late last winter and had many simple and effective tweaks which will improve mileage on all the F-Chassis sleds.

Our F-Jag would consistently deliver better mileage than you’re reporting so I’m sure there’s things which can be done to get it more in line.

Stay tuned and I’ll see what else I can find out for you.

Motorhead Mark

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