Handling Issues On 2003 RX-1

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Dear Motorhead,

You guys always talk about handling issues from what I understood from the internet I should tighten the straps 2 turns and loosen the spring rings 2 turns and put dual carbides on. Right now my 2003 RX-1 sways a lot.

Any advice would great.


Ray in Buffalo


Thanks for your email!

You have two issues you have to face with an RX-1 of this vintage. First, unbolt the skis and take both to your garage door.

Then take each ski separately and throw them as far as you can – toward any refuse receptacle. They are the problem and no amount of fiddling with limiters etc is going to fix it.

Get a set of USI’s and Dooley carbides (Woody’s) or Deuce (Stud Boy) carbides. The darting will magically disappear.

Second, the rear skid on the ’03 is unrepentantly over sprung and overdamped not too mention it has way too much stiction at the leverage pivots.

In short, there is nothing you can do to make that sled ride comfortably. So, see if you can find an M-10 used – I’ll bet you can – for decent price and throw it in. 

Hope this helps,

Motorhead Mark

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