Speedo Frustrations

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Dear Motorhead:

My speedo quit working on my 2007 Polaris IQ 600 at 400 miles. I’ve checked the bearings and its all good.

Is there any way to check the electronic pick up wire? I’m stumped.



Thanks for your email!

I am assuming you are now out of warranty – even though you’ve only got 400 miles showing? If not – take it back and let the dealer fix it!

Otherwise, there’s really only one thing to do unless you’re an electronics whiz – order in a new pick-up sensor and swap-it-out and see if that fixes the issue. If not, take it back and order a new speedo head and do the same.

I’m assuming you’ve cleaned the small window on the sensor and the end of the drive axle with the exciter markings?

You could also ask your dealer’s service dept if there is a protocol for checking the speedo pick-up coil and head with a multi-meter. They may be reluctant to disclose this however you might find something on-line as well.

Hope this helps – in this electronic/digital world parts rarely are repairable – just replaceable!


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