Getting A 2008 Ski-Doo GSX Limited 600 SDI

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hi, im getting an ’08 GSX Limited 600 SDI. Do you have any feed back on the REV XP 600 SDI such as acceleration, fuel mpg, speed and handling?

How about a REV XP 600 SDI vs an ’07 600 SDI Blizzard?



Thanks for your question!

We have only had exposure to the GSX XP 600 SDI at 11,000 ft in Colorado three weeks ago.

However, we have run an XP 800 MX-Z for over 1000 miles (story is on our w/site) and the chassis is remarkable.

The ride quality of the GSX XP was exceptional with more initial sag or ride-in than an MX-Z and much plusher compression, rebound and springing front and rear.

The 600 SDI is the same mill it was before. Consider this though. The 800 R in the XP chassis will positively blow-off a Series III 800 Rev.

We were told the secondary clutch and drive-line efficiencies in the XP platform are worth 6 HP at lake speed. I suspect your 600 SDI will “feel” like it’s juiced compared to the old chassis.

Motorhead Mark

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