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Dear Motorhead:

Your 900 fusion article is rubbish. Dynotech research got 146 hp stock and 149 with simple airbox mod. with slp intake 155hp with my clutch and intake mod my sled does 115 to 118 mph and ive walked my friends 800r with a full clutch kit and intake which was setup by a master tuner who places sleds at haydays every year. article is wrong i run 1080 belt with 719 helix and air vents 1200 on belt.

sorry its uneducated people like Motorhead Mark Lester is why i dont subscribe anymore If you dont know what your talking about a sled dont just print it look at dynotech research.

if you think I am making this up I expect a retraction or i will trash Motorhead Mark Lester in every snowmobile forum on earth and i belong to everyone and im very well known.

Motorhead Mark Lester article is as good as my Punctuation. the 700 is 130hp so i guess thats has 110hp according to Motorhead Mark Lester please. something tells me he never worked on a fusion in his life his statements make that apparently clear.

I HAVE I KNOW THIS SLED INSIDE AND OUT Thats why i know his article is bs.

thanks sorry for the rant its uninformed people like him who’s uneducated comments have driven the resale value of my sled to dirt.


Dear Chad:

Thanks for your email!

Dunno whether you get this or not but you’re probably better to talk civil to me than threaten me. If you want to go on a bunch of blogs and tell people Mark Lester isn’t a Fusion fan and I’m wrong cause Fusions are great – go ahead – that should go over real big.

Now, let’s talk. The Fusion you have is obviously a good one and well massaged – that’s great – however only about 5-15% of buyers will go to the trouble you did to get the sled performing.

Polaris suffered so badly from Fusion reliability and poor performance issues they threw out the 750 engine tooling. The 900 engine was a poor performer and did not meet expectations of buyers. If this wasn’t true the company would still be building that engine in the same platform.

The amazing part of the Fusion saga is how the talented engineers in Roseau were able to take a chassis (now called the IQ) which was built from the ground up to have the engine in backwards like an AC Firecat and inserted motors in the conventional way (intake back, exhaust forward).

The result was the fastest 600 class sled for a number of years. The story of how this re-thinking of the Fusion chassis into the IQ platform actually took place is something I will likely make part of a story in the future. The people who did the work on the original Liberty 600 powered IQ are among the most respected individuals I know in the biz.

So, you’ve got a fast Fusion and it isn’t worth much. My few lines on this website certainly did not hurt your resale – I regularly see Fusion 900’s and the odd 700 (actually a 750) for sale at ridiculous prices.

I also have recommended to readers they cautiously go ahead and take advantage of the low purchase price as the sleds did handle well as long as the owner was prepared to accept less than 900 class performance. That advice is based on my hands-on experience with the Fusion.

BTW: I do know how to work on snowmobiles.

Motorhead Mark

* See original Fusion post here!

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