Eyeballing A Beater Sled

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Dear Motorhead:

To start, I want your job! Supertrax is hands-down the best mag for snowmobilers.

My friend has a 1989 Ski-Doo Formula Plus LT. That’s been sitting outside for 4 years without been started. Is it worth fixing up and what would be some tips to help getting her going again?




Thanks for your email and kind words!

Without knowing how the sled was put away it is virtually impossible to know what to expect.

For sure you need to disassemble carbs and remove heads to see the condition of the engine internals and fully clean float bowls.

You can expect to spend some jing as anyone who would leave the sled outside four 4 years likely didn’t put it away properly.

One caution – you can likely get it running with some gas and new plugs – however if it was not oiled up before storage you’ll just do damage to expensive stuff like rings and bearings.

You’ve got some work to do!

Motorhead Mark

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