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Where Else Can You Find Out Everything About the 2012s!

With the breakthrough sales of digital devices like Apple’s iPad, subscribing to digital format magazines online is making more and more sense – and more people are doing it every week.

Certainly, larger numbers of snowmobilers are surfing snowmobile-related websites for information every day anyway, and the availability of high-speed service has reached far into the rural areas where most snowmobilers live.

2010: First Mags on Zinio

Last fall, Supertrax began making its printed issues available to those who wanted to view the magazine on a home computer or mobile device. Today, you can log onto Zinio.com and download any of the issues of Supertrax you may have missed this season. Everything’s there – all the photos, all the silly comments and all the test reports. It’s quick, super-easy and cheap. All you need is a PC or Mac computer, iPad or any one of the other similar mobile “e-books”.

Traditionally, Supertrax has published four printed magazines yearly, in-season, and the last couple of years our readers and advertisers have been asking for more issues and more information, Supertrax style. Last year our publishing cycle was modified so our readers could receive all four issues in-season (prior to this, the last issue of Supertrax was a March edition, pretty much available after the snowmobile season ended).

March 2011: See All the New Sleds

The March printed edition of Supertrax was always a great idea and very much loved by our readers, so we wanted to find a good way to relate all the 2012 new sled info to you including any special programs the OEMs had dreamed up for special purchasing incentives and freebies on the 2012s. The idea was to get the information to you as fast as possible and, unfortunately, printed magazines take longer to process to the final stage of reaching your doorstep than digital ones do.

As it is, the March Digital Edition of Supertrax will be available only on Zinio, (not in print) as soon as the last manufacturers’ embargo is lifted and we’re allowed to tell you about all the latest new sleds and equipment, plus give you our valuable billion-dollar opinions and reveal photos of the 2012s to you.

You’ll Be Remembered As a Mental Giant!

You can purchase the March issue as a single online copy or you can subscribe digitally and receive every issue instantly downloaded to your computer for a bargain price. Remember, this March 2011 issue of Supertrax will not be available in print – only on Zinio! Zinio’s format means your purchase will be completely private and secure.

You’re gonna love this new way of reading Supertrax and you’ll be among the wisest, most cunning and computer savvy people in your group. Think about the status! You’ll be loved and respected as a totally modern thinker.

The March 2011 issue of Supertrax will not be available in print – only on Zinio!

Click here to check out all the current issues and this will be your link to buy your own digital copy of SUPERTRAX available only on ZINIO.

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