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Dear Motorhead:

I bought a used 1996 Ski-Doo Formula 3 (600cc). Runs great – lots of power. Quick question – under normal riding conditions/speeds, what type of mileage (ie. fuel consumption) should I expect on that machine?

I went through 35 Litres to ride 120 km (riding on the trails at about 40-50kms/hr for most of the journey and squeezed the throttle a few times to feel the power/speed).

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



Thanks for your email!

The mileage you have quoted is not unexpected for a sled of this vintage. When new, the FIII would get around 10 to 12 mpg. With wear on the engine and drive components sub 10 mpg is not surprising.

Things have changed a lot with EFI, more efficient drive train designs and lighter weight since your FIII was built.

Enjoy it and then look around for something newer – for sure you will be impressed how much efficiency has improved in the past decade.

Motorhead Mark

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