Pre-Season Maintenance

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Dear Motorhead:

Just wondering what maintenance we should be doing on our snowmobile before the season begins. Someone told us we have to lube our clutch. Is this true?

We have a 1995 and 2000 Arctic Cat Pantera touring sleds.


Thanks for your email!

First off – did you just purchase these two sleds? If so there may be more issues which need service than just the clutches!

In a word – yes! – you should have both the primary and secondary clutches removed, disassembled and cleaned every other season if your mileage is about 1500 a year.

With the age of these sleds and not knowing mileage on them you may want to look into servicing of the rear suspension skid – in particular a full greasing and include any moving parts on the the AWS front suspension as well.

Without more info it is difficult for me to offer much advice here.

Motorhead Mark

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