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Dear Motorhead,

I have a 2009 MXZX 600 E-TEC and the other day when I started it at -20 c it sounded like nuts and bolts were rattling around inside the engine. It wasn’t the nice, smooth sound I was used too at -10 starts.

I put it in the garage, warmed it up, then started it and it was normal again. I brought it to the dealer to check if everything was okay, then went riding next morning and the same thing happened.

Is this normal for this new engine when it gets cold?

Any help would be great right now.



Thanks for your email!

I am forwarding your question to SD for comment.

My initial thoughts are this – at 20 below metal shrinks – unavoidable – and as a result tolerances change in your engine and drive clutch.

Your E-Tec was not designed to run at -20 – only to START and be warmed up to operating temperature when it’s -20. The short answer is – warm up the sled before riding and ignore the noise.

We find 4-stroke sled engines to be extremely rattly when started cold. I believe this is the very same issue.

Your MY 09 E-Tec has a built-in “warm-up” warning on the digi-dash when started in extreme cold. Obey it and you should be just fine.

Motorhead Mark

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