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Dear Motorhead:

Very interested to hear your opinion on Ski-Doo’s claim that the new E-TEC 850 offers 4-stroke reliability. Is there any way Ski-Doo can elaborate on some of the testing that’s been done to back-up this claim?

You have done a great job covering the technology, but I would like to hear more about the validation process.

I currently own a 4-stroke and I am really excited about this new motor and chassis that SD has this year. I see this as a way I can have the best of both worlds (reliability and light weight).

I personally see reliability as one of the final fronteirs for snowmobiles. We have come so far in the last 10 years in terms of handling, fuel economy, emissions and weight reduction, but I still feel that a sled with over 10,000 miles is pretty tired. Is this something that manufacturers should be focusing on in the future?

I feel sleds are very pricey relative to the worry-free mileage they get. Your thoughts?

Thanks for your time!



Thanks for your email!

Ski-Doo has made a number of claims about the durability of the new 850 E-TEC they haven’t – so far – given boiler plate numbers like hours at WOT on a chassis dyno etc.

I think the stuff they’ve done to enhance 2-stroke reliability speaks for itself. The stuff they’ve done to improve their own reliability record like using a forged two piece crank instead of a built-up crank will prove beneficial.

At the end of the day it’s going to be about what happens in the real world of consumer “testing”. We’ll all be able to comment with accuracy after this inaugural season with the new G-4 850.

Sorry I can’t be more specific – we too are anxious to log some serious clicks on a G-4 and see how the engine holds up.


Motorhead Mark

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