Debate Over Best 150 hp Sled

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Dear Motorhead,

In picking your best 150 horse sled, come back to it in a year and report all the problems with it also. Just check out all the forums, there are lots of issues.



Thanks for your email!

As you can imagine, we have had relatively limited exposure – from a reliability standpoint – to the new XP Rev. Having said that we did run a limited build 800 R XP last season for almost 2000 klicks. This sled had some issues – all of which were addressed in the full-build MY 08’s.

Our 800R Renegade X has over 2000 klicks on it this year and has been reliable and trouble free free from a durability standpoint. However, we agree, there are myriad ride compliance and shock/spring/seat issues as it relates to comfort on the XP.

Ski-Doo is well aware of these issues and is responding. However, we were assured the full-build XP’s would ride much better than the limited build we had last season – unfortunately, we accepted Ski-Doo’s word on this but it didn’t happen.

The 800 XP is a great sled – it needs a suspesnion re-calibration to make it all it was promised.

Thanks for your comments – they are appreciated.

Motorhead Mark

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