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Dear Motorhead,

I noticed you have a 2008 Vector LTX GT in your test fleet for this season (saw them parked in Kinmount last Saturday).

The “pine log” skis had been ditched in favour of USI’s Triple Threats. Are the X2’s the best choice to alleviate excessive darting and the heavy steering of nose-heavy 4-strokes?

What stage of tuning did you test? How were they as compared to Simmons, Slydogs, Doolies, Deuce Bars, Shimming and Triple Points (ala Scott Bergstrom) and all the other “cures”?

I ordered two sets of TP’s, shims and ski savers from Scott but he just informed me of a theft of 540 or so skegs from his last shipment and do not want to wait much longer.

The stock runners on my 08 Apex Ltx and the Doolies on my girlfriend’s 07 Vector are now scrap.



Thanks for your email!

You are an observant reader! How much change was in our pockets in Kinmount! Just kidding!

Here’s the deal – The USI with the front and rear blades and a set of Stud Boy Deuce Bars on them make that Vector track laser straight. No darting – gone. However, steering effort under some conditions is stil la touch heavy – not all the time though and at higher speeds it’s negligible.

Here’s the best fix we’ve encountered for all Yama-Darting. Get a set of those weird looking “Snow Trackers” out of PQ www.snowtracker.com .

I’m not pulling your cord here – these crazy things work way, way good. Settled our Nytro down, our Renegade X Ski-Doo, our TZ-1 AC Touring – in fact everything we’ve tried them on in the past two weeks is fixed.

Understeer is eliminated and there is no – none – zip darting. Our ladies love them because the effort to steer is so amazingly low and there’s no push (understeer) which wigs out the girls – right?

There you have it!

Good luck and see you on the trails.

Motorhead Mark

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