Cooling Issue On MXZ 800 Rev

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Dear Motorhead,

I have a 2003 MXZ 800 Rev and took the beaver tail off, added an extension but now I have a cooling problem.

I’m on my second rebuild its the PTO side both times the plugs and the top of the pistons look good but the piston side walls are melted to the cylinder.

The over heating light comes on when your riding hardpack when you ride in more powder it gos off.

Can I add a longer heat exchanger to my sled from a newer sled or is there something else out there I can use?

Hope you can help because the cost of pistons and cylinders are not getting any cheaper. 

FYI I picked up the sled this year fixed it up and only got 200 miles on it. 

Thanks and keep up the good work. 



Thanks for your email!

Your problem is 100% linked to the removal of the beavertail section on your 03 Rev.

We heard from a number of owners who bought and installed these kits a few years back complaining of immediate and profound overheating.

The beavertail was integral to the cooling  system on that one year model. When you take it off snow will not remain trapped in the tunnel and on the coolers – thus the engine overheats on anything but loose snow.

You need to install a tail cooler in the tunnel extension or reinstall the beaver tail to cure your problem.

Motorhead Mark

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