Comparing 2-Strokes to 4-Strokes

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Dear Motorhead,

I’m wondering what would be the differences in a sled with more displacemet but similar HP like the Apex 1050cc/150 hp vs a sled with less displacement like the Dragon 795cc/154hp as far as power delivery through all ranges of the throttle are concerened.

I don’t know if it is fair to compare a 4 and 2 stroke straight up, but if you can give me some info that would be great.




Thanks for your email!

You can compare 2 and 4 strokes but it’s like apples and oranges. 4 strokes need more cc to generate similar HP as a 2 stroke unless turbo or supercharging are employed.

In either case, weight will be greater with the 4 stroke (cams,valves, etc). The 4 stroke will generate considerably more low end torque and a more linear spread of power.

The 2 stroke of the same HP will “feel” more powerful as it will have more top end squeeze than the 4 stroke and it will be lighter overall.

It was once thought the 4 stroke would get better mpg but this is just not the case with clean 2 stroke tech.

The 4 stroke mill may last longer between re-builds – however this is debatable. When the 4 stroke needs serious mechanical attention it will cost more than the 2 stroke to repair.

The exhaust emissions of the 4 stroke will be cleaner – right now – however the advent of Direct Injection (E-Tec) will make that argument obsolete.

Resale values of 4 strokes appear to be higher right now. 4 strokes are going to continue to get lighter – someday they may rival 2 strokes for weight.

That’s a quick summary. Hope it helps.

Motorhead Mark

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