Cleaning Polaris Exhaust Valves

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Hi guys,

I’m looking for a long lost Supertrax issue that included a great article describing the correct method for cleaning Polaris exhaust valves (03 700 Pro-x).

It appears that my wife may have “Removed” my more heavily read stack of supertrax mags from their beloved storage area in the bathroom closet during fall clean-up.

Can you hook me up with the proper cleaning procedures?

Thanks to the best mag in the business!



Thanks for your email!

I’m pleased you liked our original story on exhaust valve cleaning.

I haven’t been able to locate it from our archives just yet but in the mean time I would suggest you contact Polaris through their website and download their instructions on valve cleaning. I’m sure we accessed their info when we put together the story.

Hope this helps!

Motorhead Mark

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