Breaking In New Rings

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Dear Motorhead,

I am in the process of installing a set of new rings in my 2006 800 Ski-Doo, and was wondering if I need a “break-in” for the rings before WOT.

Should I add any oil to the first tank of gas, if so, what kind of oil and how much?

Thanks for your time and I really enjoy the e-newsletter and magazine!


Thanks for your email!

You should “deglaze” your cylinders with a de-glazing stone before re-assembly.

If you do this then the addition of some extra oil in your first tank would be worthwhile.

As far as WOT is concerned I would take it easy for 10-15 miles. This is not the same as breaking in a new engine or new pistons.

The extra oil will be beneficial and ample protection for your new rings.

Motorhead Mark

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