Break-In Procedure

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Dear Motorhead:

I will be picking up a new 800 SP in the near future and was wondering about the break in procedure.

I know not to go full throtle right out of the gate but was wondering how long milage wise to take it easy.




Thanks for your email!

I would read your owners manual for Polaris recommended break-in procedure and adhere to it.

If I’m not mistaken Polaris still requires extra oil to be mixed in the tank – check to see if this is true – for the first tank of gas.

Any break-in is dependent on short bursts of steady throttle. In other words, don’t give it a full pull down the lake outside the dealership your picking it up from.

Varying throttle allows for the best B-in. Again, stick to Polaris advice on the topic and you’ll be in good shape.

Motorhead Mark

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