Brand Loyalties In Racing Result In Frustration

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In response to Motorhead’s editorial reply entitled:


Dear Motorhead:

I find your comments about the Rev XP somewhat puzzling. While it might not be as successful and dominating as the original game changing Rev (will anything this day forwad ever be) to say it is a disappointment makes me question why the Ontario Motor Vehicle licensing department hasn’t pulled in your right to drive because clearly you have Polaris blurred vision.

In its debut the XP won both its Pro and Semi-pro starts in dominating fashion. While it took three years to achieve a class points title in Pro it has won a semi-pro title and dominated in several other associations around the Snow-cross circuit.

Add the I-500, Soo-500, 2nd in the Iditarod, Cains Quest victory plus several grass drag, watercros, hillcross and hillclimb victories it is quite clear that the only race results you follow as a journalist are the press releases you recieve from AC and Pol on your own website.

No doubt the IQ is an excellant snowcrosser teamed with excellant support and the best riders since its debut it has had a good run in the WSA/ISOC circuit.

The XP’s with different riders and Cat with only Hibbert have caught up. THE XP IS A RACING TRAIL SLED COMPETING AGAINST ONE OFF RACING SLEDS. To veiw it in that context one would have to surmise that it is very successful considering it’s lineage.

Maybe Polaris and Arctic Cat are in the boat they are in now because in their case what wins on the weekend isn’t available at the dealer on Monday. Same goes for oval racing Wahl chassis sleds with Polaris IQ, Ski-Doo or Acrtic Cat stickers on the side makes for some pretty boring Nascar type racing, that’s why Vintage Racing is so popular. What it says on the side of the sled is what’s inside.

My two cents.



Thanks for your email!

There are two things that bug me about letters to the Editor:

1) When expressing your opinion leave your brand loyalty at home and 2) read carefully what was said.

a) I am not a Ski-Doo hater or a hater of any brand period. I am a journalist therefore I have to report the FACTS on every brand.
b) Only an idiot would deny Ski-Doo has had had success with the XP – they have, and the record is undeniable HOWEVER they have not had success like they did with the original REV in its day or to the same degree as Polaris and AC have had with their race sleds. Period. Yes, the Polaris IQ Racer is a purpose built sled – that was exactly my point!! Get it!!

The XP has not produced the big event pro class Sno-X domination the original REV did and that, my friend, is a matter of record and evidenced by disappointment among the Ski-Doo race team leadership.

However, it doesn’t matter as much anymore because – as I said clearly – racing is not dictating sales success like it once was.

In fact, the XP is a better trail sled than the original REV and for that reason and that reason alone it is outselling everything in the marketplace.

If you know any pro racers who have competed on the XP RS you will find out from them that the sled is not as good a sno-X tool as the original REV was back in the day.

Ask any trail rider about an XP and they are in love with it – and that is what really matters!


Motorhead Mark

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