Rumblings About 2012 Sleds: SKI-DOO

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Although Ski-Doo’s line-up is already pretty tight from both an engine selection and chassis platform standpoint, we think there’s some room for new ideas.

The company always surprises us with its off-the-wall innovations and has a habit of making very good technology obsolete before its time.

E-TEC replaced SDI and the XP replaced the REV at the peak of their sales impact and both turned out to be incredible improvements to products that were arguably the best in the biz already.

That being said, we think 2012 will be a year of tweaks to existing equipment rather than a broad-based change across the Ski-Doo model line.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Ski-Doo seems to be rather driven to resting on its laurels as an engine and low weight leader right now and, corporately, is very focused on bottom line and survival during the recession economy.

Fact is, it’s product line is so advanced it doesn’t need to offer much new stuff to stay on top and it has already achieved 2012 EPA certification in nearly every engine it makes.

There’s always a danger in adopting this attitude and, as NASCAR drivers will tell you, never lift when you’re in the lead.

Certainly, the competition is aware of this and is pressing hard to gain back market share lost during the REV revolution.

Here’s what we think 2012 will bring from Ski-Doo: Bold, New Graphics.

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