Rumblings About 2012 Sleds: ARCTIC CAT

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Because this is the company’s 50th Anniversary, we think there are some big things about to be released from Thief River Falls.

We’ve been hearing rumors about new engines and a new platform for 2012 and we think there’s much truth here.

This doesn’t mean the Twin Spar Cat will be made obsolete this year, however. We think the EXT series, the Touring models and the Z1 will remain mostly unchanged.

Probably the biggest turnovers will be in the high performance and vertical segments where weight and chassis finesse is top priority to consumers.

Look for a new sled based on Tucker’s racer but with a stretched front clip and similar bodywork. This will be a relatively stripped down, high performance focused sled to appeal to the hardcore trail and mountain market.

Some of the cool innovations like telescopic handlepole and adjustable bars will be available, but this sled’s main priority will be to match or surpass Ski-Doo and Polaris in the weight department.

Cat knows how to build fast 800 2-strokes and we think the results have been so positive with this motor the last few years, the company will suck up the EPA flack and use credits to keep producing it.

However, we think Cat has a new EPA-ready 600 2-stroke in its crosshairs and it just makes sense it would be utilized in the new platform.

Think about all those Tucker Hibbert fans getting to ride a 600, all in black with those crazy looking lime green A-arms.

Can’t wait to see.

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