Backcountry X vs. Crossfire

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Dear Motorhead:

What is your opinion of and which sled would you recommend between the Arctic Cat 800 Sno-Pro Crossfire and the Ski-Doo Renegade Backcountry X with the new 800 E-Tec.




Thanks for you remail!

Okay, first things first. You need a dealer and that’s the most important part of your purchase – have you got a good AC and SD dealer close by?

Second, does DI technology matter to you because if gas mileage and clean running are important there’s only one choice.

Third, the Crossfire is exceptionally fast and capable and more biased toward off trail riding while the BC-X is more biased to on-trail running. Both can do either very well, but we would have to say the difference is in which thing they do best.

The BC-X can be ridden as trail sled all winter and capably flat land free ridden while the CF-8 is not as comfy or plush on trails, but rips the powder and it has that incomparable sliding handle-pole. On the other hand, the SD BC-X has E-TEC and it too is incomparable.

Hope this helps, but I cannot make up your mid for you – you need to ask yourself these questions.

Good luck!


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