Air Filter Issue On Nytro

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Dear Motorhead:

I’m hoping you can help me. My sled is 2008 Yamaha Nytro with 4200kms on it. Every time I work on my battery I have a hard time getting my air box to stay on.

I went to my dealer & got 3 NEW clamps but still when I’m riding I smell gas and when I stop & check the air box has come loose off the bottom of the carbs.

I would like to put K&N filters on, but on the bottom of the air box there is a small oil line. I’m not sure what its for, and when I asked the dealer about K&N he isn’t sure if it can be done.

Any ideas?



Thanks for your email!

If there’s a fitment from K and N – they will accommodate all oil lines and breather tubes in their package.

You sound like you’ve worn out the air boots and need to replace them. I would not count on a K and N set-up unless its designed for the Nytro. Their stuff is good – however you need to ensure any move to a new intake system is designed for the sled. Be careful about snow dust as well.

Snowmobiles do not have air filters because of this reality – they will often times clog with snow dust – you go rich and then load up.

Motorhead Mark

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