How Long Will An ETEC Last?

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Dear Motorhead:

I am considering buying a 2012 MXZ 600 E TEC. Is that engine going to last 6,000 miles or more before it needs to be overhauled ? Would a 4-stroke 1200 or Cat Z1 LXR be a better choice for longevity? I am just a trail rider. No racing or deep snow.

Help is apprecicated.




Thanks for your email!

The question you are asking is both impossible and possible to answer. Barring anomalies – yes, a 600 E-TEC will run 6000 miles trouble free.

The other question you must ask yourself is this – what if you bought a 4 stroke and it exploded at 5000 miles? Which engine would you much rather fix? The answer is the 2 stroke.

Barring any craziness the 600 E-Tec will have no less trouble clearing 6000 miles than a 4-stroke. The other issue is this – you’ll save a significant chunk of change in fuel with the 600 E-TEC. There’s nothing in the sport at the 120 HP level which can come close to it for mpg.

Good luck and thanks!

Motorhead Mark

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