800 ETEC Bogging Issue

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Dear Motorhead:

I own a 2011 Renegade X 800 ETEC with 1400 kms on it right now and I have experienced a lot of bogging during my riding time. It seems to happen when I accelerate quickly, or when I push it to full throttle.

I am not impressed with the bogging issue and have search the internet and there seems to be a common bogging problem with the 800 ETEC motor.

Have you heard about this or experienced this problem on the 800 ETEC? What do you think the problem is?



Thanks for your email!

We have 2 800 E-TECs here this year and have experienced this issue on one of them. Once it passed the five hour break-in point the issue went away.

I suggest you have your dealer re-flash your ECU and start the clock over again. I know exactly what you’re speaking about and I believe it is electronic-related – not mechanical.

Hope this helps,

Motorhead Mark

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