2009 Dragon 800SP Question

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Dear Motorhead:

I just pre ordered a 2009 800 Dragon SP. What kind of mileage can I expect after break-in on hard packed trails?

I’ve read what Supertrax has written on the 800 Dragons and can’t wait to get on the beast.

keep up the great work!

Andrew legge


Thanks for your email!

Unfortunately we have still not received our 800 IQ here and the chances of us getting a decent pull to evaluate mileage now are slim.

Having said this, I have been on 800’s three times so far this season and have been very impressed with the mill. However, I was unable to truly quantify mpg on these rides.

I would expect the SP to get better than 15 mpg on most pulls and possibly as high as 17 on controlled rides.

We suspect the 800 CFI mill is actually better on fuel than the 700 – which is now only used in one mountain model for MY 09.

Hope this helps.

Motorhead Mark

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