Blockbuster Season

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There’s little doubt this has been one of the best winters in at least five seasons for many areas across North America.

Of note has been the wide spread nature of snow from east to west on both sides of the border.

We’ve heard from riders in Maine, Vermont, New York, Michigan, Minnesota and everywhere in between praising both early and abundant snow this season. There was especially wide spread snow coverage during the critical Christmas/New Year week.

To say the market has responded would be inadequate. From what industry insiders tell us (remember, we’re not supposed to know what snowmobile sales are doing) sales at the end of December had made a 20 point shift from November.

Apparently sales were down 10 percent going into December (a result of last season’s generally soft winter) and soared up almost 10 percent by the end of December.

We’ve heard non-current inventory reduction estimates as high as 40 percent through January. What we do know is this: when it snows and wherever it snows, you buy new sleds.

In early February, stories of strong sales persisted across the North American snow belt.

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