Montagne du Diable Experience

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My first snowmobile foray into Quebec was in the winter of 1990. With saddlebags roped on and the sleds filled to the max, we rode across the Ottawa River to Quyon and headed north with Mont Laurier as our destination.

We were in the land of the Upper Laurentian Mountains and I felt like I was in some kind of snowmobiling paradise. Never before had I experienced trails like this and to visit the famous Montagne du Diable (Devil’s Mountain) was the highlight of my trip.

I recall it was a big boost to my snowmobiling bragging rights list as this was a destination many of my riding cronies had read about but few had had the opportunity to visit at the time.

I was absolutely stunned by the quality of these amazing trails and until then I’d never been anywhere where there were so many sleds. Quebec was definitely living up to its billing.

Last winter when we visited the region, hotel parking lots were full of trailers and sleds were parked everywhere. There was a welcome mat out to snowmobilers and everywhere we went we were met with first-class hospitality.

For me, the ride to the top and the view when you get the summit of Devil’s Mountain is a must-visit and should be one of your primary destinations in this area. Visitors scaling the elevation this year will experience a new trail to its summit and now, a new restaurant atop the mountain.

Last winter we learned there’s a second Devil’s Mountain being developed in the region. The second location is in its development stages for catering to both snowmobile and ATV enthusiasts and will be a tremendous attraction when it’s ready.

Wood Runner Trail

Mont Laurier Region’s famous Wood Runner Trail has evolved and expanded over the years and now offers five self-guided tours on over 2,500 miles (4,000 kms) of trails taking in four regions: Upper Laurentians, Lanaudiere, Abitibi and Outaouais.

The five tours range from 222 miles (370 km) to 800 miles (1,350 kms) and the Woodrunner Trail features many great places to stay and eat – everything from major luxury hotels in the towns and villages along the way to the remote backcountry inns and lodges that are both quaint and rustic and feature incredibly cozy Quebec hospitality and some of the est dining in the world.

During the Wood Runner adventure you absolutely must take in the beauty of Windigo Chutes, an unforgettable waterfall experience.

Fly & Ride

The Fly & Ride Snowmobile Vacation offers direct flights from Newark and Toronto (less than two hours) to Mont-Tremblant International airport.

You can start your holiday right from the airport because your guide will be waiting with your rental sleds and, if you need riding gear, it’s available, too.

Your choices are two, three and four-day tours into the rugged backcountry of the Upper Laurentains. The outfitters and lodges you’ll stay at will blow you away as they are totally committed to catering to snowmobilers.

Riding in the Upper Laurentains is typical Quebec: Awesome trails, fabulous accommodations, delicious French cuisine and most of all, a warmth and friendliness you’ll only find in Quebec.

For information on the region call 888-560-9988 or visit

Special thanks to our guide Gino Di Palma.


Mont Laurier:
Quality Inn:
Comfort Inn:

Auberge Presqu’ile – 819-597-2166

Bar Salon Chez Punch – 819-767-2695
Domaine de la Presqu’ile – 819-767-2832

Relais de la Montagne du Diable (Devils Mtn.) – 819-440-6365
Club Fontbrune –
Rabaska Lodge –

Club Mekoos –

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