First Ride: Polaris 600 IQ Switchback 136

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Old technology? Yeah, but only because Polaris has already introduced its next generation Pro-Ride chassis.

Frankly, we still love the IQ and especially the way it handles. This Switchback is a great sled with a warm and comfortable cab area, an already EPA 2012 approved mill and a skidframe that rides stupendously.

We rode about 75 miles in fresh snow on ungroomed trails and the IQ Switch handled the bumps like a champ and its Cleanfire 600 provided smooth throttle tip-in and great response.

We were especially impressed with this sled’s throttle response in the midrange and up. It’s a very strong running mill here and exhibits no flat spots anywhere.

This one came with Walker Evans adjustable gas shocks (piggybacks up front) and a 1.25-inch deep track. We took a bit of compression damping off and the sled really started to perform well in the bumps.

We’ve noticed our 2011 Polaris press sleds don’t smoke much when they’re left idling or on initial start-up. We really like this feature and although we’re not specifically sure how Polaris has done it we suspect it has something to do with the oil pump.

We know for a fact the 2011 800 has a special pump but we just don’t know for sure about the 600… yet. At any rate, smoke is way down compared to last year.

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