Lanaudiere, Quebec

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Visit Europe Without Leaving the Continent

By Matt Lester

Quebec’s Lanaudiere Region is the poster child for incredible trail adventures.

Snowmobilers can begin riding from almost anywhere within the region to view amazing scenery and experience everything from fine dining, quaint overnight stays, to breathtaking trails.

The bottom of the region, located an easy drive north of Montreal, is not only close to one of Canada’s major population areas but also lies within easy reach of the US border. Snowfall is frequent and consistently abundant everywhere here throughout the snowmobile season.

Lanaudiere is an easy place to find and, for outsiders, an easy place to adventure to. The region’s trail maps are so thorough and easy to follow, even city slickers can roam its snow-covered highways with confidence. Don’t worry about looking too hard for a map either.

Every gas station, restaurant and pit stop stockpiles them in the lobby. Several color-coded tours specifying mileage and points of interest plus lodging, restaurants and service centers are mapped out. Lanaudiere is very security conscious and many hotels have excellent, secure parking for your truck, trailer and snowmobile.

On the trails you’ll find excellent signage, plenty of pit stops, warm hospitality and unforgettable scenery around every corner.

The accommodations in this region deliver a distinct Franco-European flare and it’s one thing visitors always comment on: This area makes you feel like you’re visiting a faraway country, doing what you love best – snowmobiling.

The restaurant and hotel industry in Lanaudiere relies largely on out-of-province winter tourism and goes out of its way to deliver a comfortable experience for visitors.

When you visit Lanaudiere you’ll meet US snowmobilers from New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Maine and Canadians from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Ontario – and plenty of them! Many of these folks return year after year. Why? Because this area knows how to do hospitality!

Many of the hotels feature in-house fine dining, professional spas and luxurious rooms and you can ride your snowmobile right to the door! If you’re looking for a snowmobiling adventure that will be engraved on your memory for years to come, the memories start pretty well anywhere in Lanaudiere.

Visit and call 800-363-2788 for more information.

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