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Woody’s is a pioneer and innovator in the Traction industry and when we’ve got the need for traction their online Hook up Traction guide is always the first place we visit.

New for 2022 is the Maverick Runner which has really impressed us so far and according to Woody’s is going to take the “Shaper Bar” market by storm.

If you’re a fan of the ACE runner with its square shaped bar, you are going to love the Maverick.

Featuring the tallest built bar on the market with concave sides which help hold snow and improve turning along with 60-degree Carbide inserts the new Maverick runner provides a very positive feel on the front of your sled.

This not only translates into a very planted feel of the snowmobile and improved control at higher speeds but also improves the turning radius of the sled as it’s able to grab harder and therefore reduce ski slippage on the snow thereby increasing steering precision and rider confidence.

Maverick Runner Details and Fitment:

• Classic Woody’s hard weld to help reduce wear on the bar

• Woody’s precision 60-degree Carbide inserts

• Lighter – weight savings over traditionally shaped bars

• Concave sides to help hold snow and improve turning

• NOW the tallest wear bar on the market!

• This bar is CNC wire formed to insure a perfect fit

• Will offer better control at increased speeds

• Available in Series: 9600/1300/9975/5000

* 9600 – Ski Doo – 2006-2022
* 1300 – Polaris – 2014-2022
* 9975 – Arctic Cat – 2002-2022 and select Yamaha Models
* 5000 – C&A and select aftermarkets

• Available in – 4″-6″-8″ Carbide lengths | 10″ available for C&A

For more information visit Woody’s at woodystraction.com

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