Woody’s Gold Digger Traction Master Studs

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The 2024 Ski-Doo MXZ XRS Competition Package featuring the 850 Turbo engine is a 180 horsepower powerhouse and recognizing the need for enhanced traction, we turned to Woody’s for a studding solution.

The Woody’s Gold Digger Traction Master studs are revered for their high-quality, push-through design, featuring a patented track-trapping head for superior hold and lifespan.

Constructed from through-hardened carbon steel for enhanced hardness and material strength, with a 60-degree carbide insert, these studs promise years of reliable traction and grip.

Each stud is 1.325-inches long so it actually sticks out past the 1.25-inch lug on this sled’s track, ensuring exceptional bite while riding over frozen surfaces. Paired with round digger two-ply aluminum support plates in Hi-Viz yellow, this setup not only looks fantastic on our Ski-Doo, it provides confidence-inspiring traction every ride.

For ideal installation, Woody’s studding template streamlines the studding process, offering a suggested pattern that combines both single and double support plates for optimal stud layout.

The next ride after installing this stud package we immediately noticed a difference. The addition of 144 studs delivered a perfect balance between superior grip and reasonable rotating mass, significantly improving acceleration, top-speed and braking confidence on icy trails and snow-covered lakes.

Woody’s Gold Digger Traction Master studs proved to be a game-changer for the MXZ XRS Competition Package, providing the necessary traction to harness the power of the 850 Turbo and enhancing overall performance and control.


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