USI Develops New Type of Ski

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Ultimate Sports Inc. makers of the legendary USI line of plastic skis has another industry first to their credit.

Taking their highly successful PX racing ski used by both Mike Island to win the X-Games and Noel Kohanski to win the CSRA National Pro Open and Pro 440 Championship, they’ve incorporated 8 steps into the bottom of the new SPX ski.

Four steps are located on each side of the keel – moving to the rear of the ski. The steps (similar to those used on racing boat hulls) produced a claimed 2-4 MPH improvement over the smooth, non-stepped PX ski under identical conditions.

The center keel on the SPX has been deepened another 3/16 inch to improve cornering when used in conjunction with Stud Boy’s Shaper Bars – a USI innovation manufactured by Liberty Products (Stud Boy). Go to for more info.

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