Ultimax XS Snowmobile Drive Belts

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The crucial link for any snowmobile to effectively transfer power from the engine to the track is the belt; and when it comes to high-quality, purpose drive belts the brand we trust the most is Ultimax.

Built in the USA, Ultimax drive belts are designed specifically for powersport applications with CVT transmissions and are the trusted by all the snowmobile OEMs.

The Ultimax family of products for snowmobile applications includes the MAX which is designed for long life and dependability on lower horsepower sleds, the PRO which delivers optimum performance and belt life to mid-horsepower snowmobiles and lastly the XS which is designed to deliver peak power and peak efficiency for high horsepower sleds along with delivering superior durability and longer belt life.

XS belts are constructed using a proprietary high-temperature rubber compound which withstands the power of today’s biggest sleds without sacrificing grip. With over over a million miles a year of documented field testing you can be assured that Ultimax belts will stay ahead of the pack in value and performance.

All Ultimax snowmobile belts come with a one year warranty and are available through major aftermarket distributors.

For more information on the complete line of Ultimax belts visit ultimaxbelts.com

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