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BRP has developed a simple and effective solution for snowmobilers that need the versatility to carry a passenger, while maintaining the lightweight and sporty feel for those days when riding solo.

By combining the new 1 + 1 seat with a passenger backrest that features the unique LINQ quick attachment system, riders can now change back and forth from a one up to a two up configuration in a matter of seconds and tailor their ride as desired.

Snowmobilers will appreciate the clean, integrated look that the new 1+1 system delivers plus the quality of construction and fit to their Ski-Doo snowmobile.

The design team required a solid black covering that matches any sled, with the same fit and functionality of the original seat, but the added benefit is an ergonomically correct position for the passenger so both people will enjoy the ride.

Finally the new backrest had to match the new seat and sled perfectly, while being quick and easy to install and remove.

This is where the new LiNQ system provided a simple, effective solution, plus it freed up space on the tunnel so riders can carry a bag or auxiliary fuel caddy where brackets were on past designs.

Once installed the LINQ allows an owner to securely change from one up to two up configuration by sliding the seat of choice on, pulling two straps, flipping two levers and lifting or lowering – all in less than 30 seconds.

“This is one of those products that is so well thought out and simple to use, that many people will be asking why it hasn’t been thought of before” stated Martin Auger, director of Sales, Marketing and Licensing PAC BRP, Inc. “But now that we have it, we’re happy to enhance or customer’s experience with such a versatile, high quality product.”

The new 1+1 seating from BRP provide owners of Ski-Doo models from 2008 through 2013 three purchase choices in how they meet their needs:

1. Base 1 + 1 seat 860200665 $449.99 USD/$517.99 CAD

2. 1+1 Backrest 860200595 $399.99 USD/$459.99 CAD

3. 1+1 Complete Seat System 860200575 $749.00 USD/$864.99 CAD

For information on all the genuine BRP accessories to fit your ride visit store.ski-doo.com or your local Ski-Doo dealer.

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