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We’ve all been there. Your snowmobile track digs a trench and you’re hung up, not moving. Yup, you’re stuck. Now you’re in for some serious grunt work and heavy lifting at the very least.

Depending on where you are and who you’re with, this situation can even be dangerous. A few years ago, David Wright and his young son Luka were snowmobiling in Northern Ontario near the Quebec border when their sled got stuck in deep snow. Conditions were frigid with no cell service and the nearest town a long way away.

Working alone and with his son to worry about, it was nearly two hours of exhausting work in the freezing cold before the machine was finally back on the trail. David was spooked, to say the least, and couldn’t help thinking “what if he couldn’t get un-stuck”?

The next day, David set out to buy the tool needed to lift the back end of his sled the next time he got stuck but to his surprise, nothing on the market existed. So he and his two boys took the initiative and designed one themselves.

David had several objectives in the design process:

1. It should easily lift the back end of a stuck sled
2. It should conveniently be assembled and dissembled
3. It must be conveniently carried on a sled
4. It needs to be cost-effective

The result was a tool his son coined as a TRACKJACK. Save your back, use a TRACKJACK ($145 CAD/$113 USD).

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