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2016 marks yet another advancement for the Sure Grip system as the company introduces a redesigned, detachable forward security cable.

Available as an option when ordering, the new feature accommodates Ski-Doo snowmobiles with Pilot TS adjustable skis. The added height of the adjustment knob is easily accommodated with the detachable security cable that clips back in place once the ski is positioned on the dolly.

Sure Grip dollies are designed to accommodate virtually all makes and models of snowmobiles along with today’s leading aftermarket ski designs. Standard Sure Grip Dollies can also be adjusted for skis up to 7-1/4-inches wide and for the extra wide mountain skis measuring up to 10-inches in width the mega-wide dollies are available.

Sure Grip Dollies continues to be the top choice of snowmobile enthusiasts for moving their sled on hard and uneven surfaces. Those who want to protect their carbides, keep driveway and garage surfaces gouge free and also protect their back from heavy lifting all agree that Sure Grip answers their needs best!

– Sure Grip dollies are also used by the US Marine Corps in California to access the snow line for winter mountain warfare training camps.
– Sure Grips have proven useful for DNR officers in state and national park services to access trail systems for patrol and rescue when snow cover is marginal.
– They have also been found to be an ideal tool for use in the fall to assist the driver portion of various youth snowmobile safety-training programs.

Sure Grip Dollies are 100% made in America and are constructed of solid plate steel, utilizing proven SURE GRIP Premium grade 5-inch solid rubber wheels mounted on graphite bearings. For a non-running sled, a swivel track dolly is included, the only question that remains is: What challenges do you have for the SURER GRIPS?

See them in action at or call 320-252-0278.

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