Skidoo XP Lower Rear A-Arm Brace Kit

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Press Release –

This is a new kit to strengthen the weak Lower A- Arm mounting point on the new XP chassis.

As many riders learned last season the Lower A-Arm rear mounting point can fail from impact before the Lower A-Arm bends causing expensive repair.

Wouldn’t you rather have a bent A-Arm than have to do a complete rebuild of the front end because of a broken rear mounting point?

Our brace kit designed to greatly strengthen the Lower A-Arm connection to the bulkhead and also acts as a skid plate protecting this vulnerable area.

This is a laser cut steel brace that is yellow zinc plated for corrosion protection.

Includes necessary fasteners and comes with detailed installation instructions.

Only $34.95 USD
Fits 08 and 09 Skidoo XP models.


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