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Numbering well in excess of 9,000 SKIWHEELZ™ BY ROUSKI™ ALREADY IN USE AROUND THE WORLD, and well over 15 years of history and experience behind them; the newly re-designed models are manufactured and designed by Rouski Inc. and sold exclusively by throughout Central and Western Canada, The US, and abroad.

THE UNIQUE PATENTED DESIGN is constructed from only the highest grade steel, professionally laser cut and finished with a baked on scratch resistant black enamel coating.

“ENGAGE WHEELS WITH MINIMAL EFFORT” The fully enclosed spring mounted lever on most models, makes the job of engaging the “Wheelz” effortless and requires little or no strain on your part, unlike most other models on the market.

“IT RETRACTS AUTOMATICALLY!” once you get back on the trail. They are the only mechanical wheel in the industry that retracts instantly and automatically when you return to the snow covered trail, eliminating having to get off your machine a second time.

“GO AHEAD, PUSH IT” The quality and care taken in the construction, is the secret behind why SkiWheelz by Rouski Inc. are made to last longer and at higher speeds than any other wheel on the market.

Our wheel is the only one rated at a Max speed of up to 30 km/hr. (19 mph.) SkiWheelz by Rouski dramatically increase the maneuverability of the sled off of snow. They eliminate the strenuous pushing, pulling and maneu vering of sleds into and out of trailers and the unwanted scarring of paved driveways and garage floors with ski and carbide marks. They also extend the life of your skis substantially. Rubber Wheels Guaranteed for Life!*

“ON IN SECONDS”; most models’ installation consist of the removal and replacement of two nuts with one tool (13 mm wrench or “socket”) that literally takes seconds per ski, while other models can be installed with the same tools and a drill in less than two minutes. Simply the fastest installation of all snowmobile wheels on the market.

RATED AS A “MUST HAVE” by the pros & snowmobile enthusiasts. With the ever-changing and unpredictable environmental conditions, one ever knows when a stretch of exposed black top or gravel may come between you and your destination.

Whether it is a gas station, coffee shop, restaurant, hotel, road, crossing, parking lot, or just simply for storage, SkiWheelz and Rouski let you take back the control of where you want to go.

SkiWheelz will fit most current models of the following brands: Arctic Cat, Polaris, Skidoo, & Yamaha

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