SeeDevil LED Balloon Light

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Up until us using the SeeDevil LED Balloon light, illuminating a large area always came at the price of having to be string several lights together and needing an electrical source strong enough to power the lights.

All this hassle went away the first night we powered up our 150 Watt LED SeeDevil balloon light through the 400 Watt power outlet in our truck. It lit up an area over 50 feet in diameter with light as the bright as the day could provide. Since then, we’ve been finding all types of uses from lighting up our garage space to ice rinks on our lake for a late-night skating party.

The SeeDevil LED balloon light has proven to be a quick and easy solution for wide 360° illumination. Requiring about 1.5 operating amps, the150 W LED light source (which we’ve been testing) plugs into any available 120 Volt power supply and generates up to 19,500 lumens. This equates to over 11,000 square feet of lighting and serves as the perfect source of outdoor illumination whether you are camping, needing a well-lit outdoor workspace or wanting a single source to light a backyard party.

Comprised of a LED light housing incorporating an inflatable nylon material light diffuser, the light fixture mounts to the supplied 6.5ft tripod and comes with a 15 ft power cord along with remote control and additional mounts and durable carry bag. The internal blower inflates the balloon light diffuser and also cools the LED panels at the same time. The other added benefit to the LED design is its useful operating life of over 50,000 hours.

Powering the light can be done right at home with a 120 Volt power outlet, a small portable power generator, the 120 Volt power supply available in modern automobiles or even with a 12 Volt power inverter capable outputting of over 150 Watts.

When it comes to the SeeDevil LED Balloon light we’ve been equally impressed with its ability to cast a huge amount of light just as much as we are with the ease of set-up and portability. SeeDevil currently offers light kits ranging from 60 Watt all the way up to 700 Watt kit which outputs a whopping 102,000 lumen power.


• Quick and easy setup
• Glare-free lighting
• Lightweight and portable
• Versatile and compact design
• Wide area coverage with 360° illumination
• Engineered with 130 lumen per watt Samsung chips
• 19,500 lumens, < 1.5 operating amps, 120-volt input • Over 11,000 square feet of brilliant illumination • Internal blower inflates balloon and cools LED panels • Included: heavy-duty sliding tripod extending to 6.5' • Included mounts: 2" C-clamp, eye bolt, tripod adapter • LED Balloon Light diffuser is constructed of heat-and- • water-resistant, UV protected nylon • Run multiple units on one 2,000-watt generator • UL approved, RoHS, FCC, CE; IP42 rated • 15' spec. grade power cord • Dimmable wireless remote • 3-year warranty Stay tuned to Dirt Trax as we plan to use the light a lot more this coming summer in overnight camping adventures with friends and family, whether in the remote wilderness or our favorite campground. For more information on SeeDevil's complete line of LED balloon lights visit

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