Rouski’s Retractable Snowmobile Wheels

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Rouski’s snowmobile wheels deliver better control of your sled when riding over hard surfaces such as asphalt or cement and also make loading and unloading your sled from your trailer much easier.


* Protects your garage floor and your driveway’s pavement
* Makes it easier to get to the restaurant or the gas station
* Makes easier to load the snowmobile onto your trailer
* Enables you to cross roads and bridges safely
* Makes driving easier, especially in curves and hard surfaces
* Reduces the wear and tear on your runners and skis
* Works just as well when driving forwards or backwards
* Maintenance free
* No change to the snowmobile’s original parts
* Rust free
* Airtight grease container
* Can be installed without removing the ski bolt

Rouski’s Retractable Snowmobile Wheels retract automatically as soon as you ride onto powdery snow. You can also disengage the mechanism by shifting your weight and lifting one of the skis or you can stop your machine for a few seconds and reset the Rouski before you continue riding.

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