RevArc: The World’s First Tri-Fold Arched ATV Ramp

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Press Release –

Bosski, Inc announces today the debut of its revolutionary tri-fold arched ATV ramp—the RevArc. While arched ramps have been around for years, it is Bosski’s specially designed arch that makes this ramp so innovative.

It provides a smoother transition from the truck bed to ground level than even a traditional arched ramp.

Available in both 72” and an extra long 90”, each RevArc folds out to an exceptionally wide 55” for optimal safety. It then quickly folds to only 18” wide for compact and convenient storage underneath the ATV.

In its continual effort to improve safety, Bosski has raised the bar yet again with their introduction of Tri Loc Technology. “We started with oversized Gate Grips to really hold on to the tailgate, then added an adjustable strap to fasten the ramp securely to the truck, and brought it all together with a specialized core to stabilize the loading platform”, explains Robert Rickard of Bosski.

“We asked ATV dealers what they wanted, and now we are giving them exactly that with the new RevArc,” says Rickard. He shares his excitement, “It’s arched and it folds together—it’s cool.”

Bosski has even created a point-of-purchase package for every RevArc ramp, so consumers can see the features & benefits of owning a RevArc. The goal behind this new POP, “to relate the value of RevArc’s unique benefits over the competition,” says Rickard.

Powersports dealers need to continue to find new ways to differentiate themselves from the “big box” and discount stores; RevArc ramps are distinctly unique and offered only through powersports dealers.

Bosski has been serving powersports dealers for the past 10 years. Its ATV Wagon line of pull-behind trailers has given Bosski an unmatched reputation for both quality and innovation, as seen in 2004 when the company won Most Innovative New Product of the Year at the ATV Expo and earlier this year when they released the new 800 UT-X trailer featuring the Strong Arm Dump System, another industry first.

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