Mega Mileage!

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What makes more sense in a 2000 mile race than a Tour Buddy? Nothing we can think of.

Tour Buddy will be supporting Dusty VanMeter and Mark Carr in their assault on the 2005 Alaskan Tesoro Iron Dog Race.

The team will be riding Tour Buddy equipped Arctic Cats in the grueling cross country event which often requires riders to cover 100 to 140 miles of untramped powder between fuel stops.

VanMeter and Carr have placed first, three of the past four years in the event and credit the extra range provided by Tour Buddy’s auxiliary fuel system for their success.

While talking Tour Buddies, they have a sano, good looking kit available right now for the new Ski-Doo Mach-Z 1000.

Give Tour Buddy a call at 1-888-244-1112

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