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As much as some riders don’t like to admit it, exhaust systems are wearable items. Carbon build up and worn out packing choke off the exhaust flow and rob the power from your snowmobile. The other huge disadvantage is weight.

MBRP offers a full line of OEM replacement exhausts as a performance upgrade. All exhausts are designed to OEM specs for fitment but come with the added benefits of horsepower gains, significant weight reductions, increased throttle response, improved low end torque and of course a sweet sounding exhaust note.

New for 2018 are mufflers for Arctic Cat sleds equipped with the 800 C-Tec2 motor. Available in both a trail and race can design both exhausts are build from durable 304 stainless steel with precise laser cut brackets as well as offering considerable weight savings.

MBRP exhausts are very easy to install and are super durable. The trail can increases the horsepower output of your 800 DSI by an honest 1hp, not a whole lot but MBRP found the DSI required increased backpressure to maintain optimal performance and therefore built that into the design of the trail can. All brackets are laser cut and the decibel level meets sound requirements where exhaust modifications are allowed on trails.

The biggest news though is the weight savings this can drops a whopping 11 pounds of fat which would otherwise take thousands of dollars to do by swapping out hardware on your sled with aftermarket titanium or carbon fiber. In the crossover and mountain markets 11 pounds is huge!

MBRP is the official exhaust of the CSRA snocross series and their C-Tec2 Race exhaust is recommended for competition use.

It is all kinds of wonderful when you squeeze the throttle with a crisp and fast throttle response that lets others know exactly where you are. The horsepower numbers stay true at 1hp increase but the weight savings goes even deeper with an extra two pounds, which makes for a total of 13 pounds of weight savings.

If you are racing or running high altitude shedding 13 pounds is not just significant it’s incredible.

For more information on MBRP Powersports full line of exhausts visit them at mbrppowersports.com

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