JetBlue Ice Melter by Tillsonbrands

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Everybody uses some form of ice melter to deal with the winter climate pretty much anywhere temperatures drop below freezing.

Salt is certainly the most common product for these situations, however there are obvious downfalls to salt including inferior functionality in super low temps, environmental damage and of course, the messy staining to name a few.

We’ve discovered a product that does it all. It’s called JetBlue, manufactured by a company called Tillsonbrands.

JetBlue consists of a coating that’s a blend of polyols, organic salts and bio additives coating non-organic chloride pellets. It tackles ice fast and when sprinkled down, it actually gets started melting faster in temperatures as low as -32 Celsius.

If it’s really icy where you parked you can sprinkle some JetBlue in front of your truck’s tires so you can get a good launch in 4×4 to get your truck and trailer moving once you’re loaded with equipment.

Due to its super-melting properties, you use much less of it and when used properly you don’t damage the surfaces you’re spreading it on.

Sprinkle some in front of your trailer, loading ramp or just about anywhere around the outside of your home to reduce slips and falls.

Keep a convenient shaker in your truck and by the door to your house and you’ll never have to worry.

Visit to find out where you can get yourself some of this superb product.

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