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The FXR X-CROSS PRO BOA BOOT is engineered to deliver unparalleled comfort, protection and performance in extreme cold conditions. With a host of innovative features, this boot is designed to elevate your outdoor snowmobiling experience.

The integration of the HydrX membrane ensures superior waterproofing, shielding your feet from moisture while allowing breathability, keeping you dry and comfortable during your ride. Its 2-piece form-fitting tongue construction optimizes fit, providing a snug and secure feel for maximum comfort, while also enhancing the overall positive fit of the boot.

Crafted with a keen focus on flexibility, stability and protection, the FXR X-Cross Pro Boa boot’s impressive construction is engineered to thrive in harsh winter conditions. It is rated to withstand temperatures as low as -40°C, supported by 600g insulation to ensure your feet stay warm in even the most frigid environments.

The fixed soft lining adds an extra layer of comfort while minimizing seams in sled-contact areas reducing potential irritation or discomfort during active use.

The incorporation of a 20mm thick EVA midsole sets this boot apart by offering maximum impact absorption and high-rebound cushioning. This not only enhances comfort but also aids in reducing fatigue, allowing you to stay on your feet longer without strain or discomfort.

Designed for optimal traction and stability, the FXR Aggressive tread with a concave footprint delivers exceptional grip in winter conditions. The toe and heel kick further enhance traction and stability, ensuring a secure footing on your running boards and on snowy or icy terrain.

Additionally, this boot features Achilles and calf cushion support, providing crucial reinforcement for these areas enhancing overall comfort and reducing fatigue during extended wear.

On your sled or off your sled, the FXR X-CROSS PRO BOA boot’s comprehensive list of features combine to create a premium snowmobile boot that maximizes performance, comfort, and durability, allowing you to ride confidently in harsh winter conditions while keeping your feet warm and dry.

For more information on this boot visit FXRRACING.COM

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