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Every rider’s experienced foggy or frosty lenses at some point. You’re working hard in the deep snow and starting to sweat or it’s just so darn cold the lens in your goggles begins to frost. Unless you’ve packed a back up, you know this could mean frustration or impaired vision for the rest of your ride and many of you have even gone as far as holding your goggles under the exhaust and risked melting the plastic in an attempt to clear the fog and get even a moment of clearer vision.

FXR’s Maverick E-Goggle is an electric heated lens that utilizes a rechargeable battery pack attached to the strap that will eliminate fogging or frosting and keep your lens clear and your vision unobstructed.

The soft, anti-scratch battery pack utilizes the same push button found on FXR’s heated glove line and the kit comes complete with a battery charger.

You get all the same quality features found on FXR’s goggle line such as the impact-resistant, dual-pane, pre-curved polycarbonate snow lens featuring a premium anti-scratch, anti-fog, & UV lens coatings, triple density, moisture-wicking, contoured face foam that fits comfortably against your cheek and a premium strap with triple silicone grips, plus the added benefit of a heated lens.

For more information visitors FXRRACING.COM

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